High Accuracy Delta-Sigma Modulator for Current Sensing and Voltage Monitoring in Industrial Applications

Published  July 30, 2020   0
RV1S9353A Delta-Sigma (ΔΣ) Modulator

The Renesas Electronics Corporation has introduced the RV1S9353A, an optically isolated delta-sigma (ΔΣ) modulator that delivers the industry’s highest accuracy compared to the other 10MHz clock output optically isolated devices. It is designed with a precision analog to digital converter with ENOB of 13.8 bits for converting an analog voltage into digital output one-bit data stream across the isolation barrier.

The RV1S9353A meets the requirement of improved control accuracy for industrial instruments with the best-in-class precision sensing features such as lower offset voltage drift, higher signal-to-noise ratio (SNR), lower reference voltage drift vs. temperature, and higher input resistance. The modulator provides a low offset voltage drift that simplifies the offset correction, whereas the 5kVrms isolation and 8mm creepage distance makes it ideal for compact 200V and 400V motor drive equipment

Features of RV1S953A ΔΣ Modulator

  • Input offset voltage drift vs temperature (max) 2.5µV/°C
  • SNR (typ) 85dB
  • Reference voltage (max) gain error ±0.5%
  • Reference voltage drift vs. temperature (typ) 30ppm/°C
  • High input resistance (typ.) 500kΩ
  • High common-mode transient immunity (typ) 25kV/us
  • Operating ambient temperature (max) -40°C to 110°C
  • Supplied in 8-pin SDIP with 1.27mm pin pitch

The RV1S9353A helps the OEMs to standardize their designs during development and design certification with the 500kΩ typical input resistance, making it capable of both current sensing and voltage monitoring for easy design. The digital output and connected digital filter of the new device also eliminates the need for complex multi-component designs that use a traditional analog isolation amplifier with analog filter and several other components.

The RV1S9353A ΔΣ modulator consists of optocouplers with IC output and high-speed communication up to 15Mbps along with general-purpose transistor output devices featuring high isolation voltage, high-temperature operation, and compliance with various international safety standards. The motor driving photocouplers (IPM drive and IGBT drive) feature high isolation voltage, high-temperature operation, high output current, and high-speed switching.