High Accuracy Analog Front End IC with Low Power Consumption for 4-cell to 7-cell Li-ion Battery Packs

Published  November 12, 2021   0
R5602 High Accuracy Analog Front End IC

Ricoh Electronic Devices has introduced a new advanced Analog Front End and battery management IC that has an integrated charge pump for driving external high-side N-channel MOSFETs controlling the charge and discharge process. The new R5602 IC for 4-cell to 7-cell Li-ion / Li-polymer battery management provides cell voltage monitor and bidirectional current monitor based-on monitoring the voltage across an external sense resistor. Applications of this IC include cordless power tools, electrical bicycles, robot vacuum cleaners, robot lawn mowers, and drones.

The R5602 IC features cell voltage sampling (±30mV), current sensing through an external sense resistor, and the option to scale results with gain settings x2.5, x10, x20. This IC includes a 12-Bit A/D Converter for sequential measurement of the cell voltages, charge and discharge current, along with external and embedded die temperature sensors. 

Key Features of R5602 IC

  • High accuracy voltage monitoring and low power consumption - for saving battery life
  • Control High-side NMOSFET - for ease of treatment and cost reduction of BOM
  • No limitation in cell connection sequence - for cost reduction of battery pack assembling

Moreover, this IC has built-in switches with internal resistors for open-wire detection and additional built-in switches for passive cell balancing and enables a random cell connection sequence to simplify the battery pack manufacturing process.