HealthyPi Move: A Wearable Health Monitoring Solution

Published  May 28, 2024   0
S Staff
Biometric Monitor

HealthyPi Move is an open-source biometric monitor from Protocentral In a watch form factor. The HealthyPi Move supports continuous monitoring of vital biometric signals such as ECG, heart rate, HRV, PPG, SpO₂, blood pressure trends, and respiration. HealthyPi Move offers clinical-grade precision and ease of use without relying on any cloud services or subscriptions. This way users can fully own and control their data without any privacy concerns.

Biometric Monitor parts Marking

Designed for easy maintenance and upgradability, HealthyPi Move allows users to repair and replace parts themselves, with modular components like the main board, sensor board, and battery. The HealthyPi Move is equipped with a single-lead ECG for heart health monitoring, a PPG sensor for accurate fingertip measurements of SpO₂ and blood pressure, and an EDA/GSR sensor for stress and emotional response monitoring. Additionally, it also features a body temperature sensor and a 6-axis IMU for activity monitoring. The HealthyPi Move is powered by the nRF5340 SoC from Nordik, offering ample processing power and memory, with support for Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) 5.2 and USB Type-C for data transfer, charging, and debugging.

Biometric Monitoring Firmware

HealthyPi Move's firmware is based on Zephyr RTOS and the nRF Connect SDK. It is user-programmable, allowing the user to develop custom algorithms and applications and supports over-the-air updates via BLE for easier development. It features a 1.28-inch TFT display, 128 MB flash memory for data storage, and a capable power management system, including an 800 mAh battery charger and 200 mAh Li-Po battery. The current 3D-printed prototype will be replaced by a biocompatible ABS-type material enclosure in the final version. The finger ring sensor will be made of flexible silicone for comfort and will connect to the main board via a detachable cable, making HealthyPi Move a portable and easy-to-use monitoring tool. Protocentral also offers a companion app for the HealtyPi Move, supporting most platforms including Android, IOS, MAC, Windows and Linux. Protocentral has just launched a GroundSupply campaign for the HealtyPi Move. The source files including hardware, firmware and companion app sourse code can be found at the HealtyPi Move GitHub Repository.