GAR Certified Differential Pressure Sensors for Reliable and Precise Measurement of Airflow


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SDP821 & SDP831- GAR Certified Differential Pressure Sensors

Sensirion has added two new airflow sensors namely, SDP821 & SDP831 to its SDP800 series of differential pressure sensors. These new differential pressure sensors can be used in critical applications since they were developed and certified in accordance with the GAR standards (Gas Appliances Regulations). These sensors can act as a reliable and precise airflow measurement solution for applications with high requirements like Gas burners, boilers, etc.

The SDP821 and SDP831 sensors are suitable for type B and type C fail-safe operation and can be used in the host of many applications since they are insensitive to changes and has a small form factor. These differential pressure sensors excel in particular, due to their rapid response time and fail-safe operation. The sensors offer exceptional repeat accuracy and a sampling rate of up to 2 kHz and are available in a variety of models with temperature compensation.

The differential pressure sensors have no zero-point drift and outperform conventional sensors with piezoresistive membranes in terms of sensitivity at low differential pressure levels, offset drift, and hysteresis. The sensors are not sensitive to shocks or fluctuations in temperature. For more information about the SDP800 series, visit the official website of Sensirion.

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