Fully Integrated Tactile Sensor Prototype with Multiple 3D Magnetometer Pixels Enriches Robot Hand Capabilities

Published  February 9, 2022   0
Melexis's Fully Integrated Tactile Sensor Prototype Tactaxis

Melexis has unveiled a compact and fully integrated tactile sensor that features multiple 3D magnetometer pixels and improves robots’ hands and grippers, making delicate operations such as fruit picking possible. The new Tactaxis prototype is accompanied by a magnet that is embedded into an elastomer material that presents a soft contact interface, emulating the attributes of human skin.

Tactaxis is completely integrated and its gradiometric approach makes the sensor immune to magnetic stray fields. The arrangement of the sensor offers high sensitivity so that detection of even a small amount will generate a response. Moreover, this prototype with dimensions of just 5 mm x 5 mm x 5 mm is suitable for tight spaces.