Fully Integrated Smart Multichannel RGB LED Driver for Automotive High-Speed Light Animations

Published  March 26, 2021   0
MLX81117 RGB LED Driver IC

MLX81117 from Melexis is the fully integrated smart multichannel RGB LED driver that supports MeLiBu high-speed communication license-free IP for automotive light animations. Integrated with high-speed communication interface IP, this multi-channel RGB LED driver maintains consistent color across all of the LEDs in the lightbar and implements simultaneous light changes in driver-assistance prompts, vehicle status updates, or advanced comfort functions like adaptive roof light.

The MLX81117 RGB LED driver IC also provides real-time compensation of any color drift caused by environmental changes and color-mixing accuracy with a delta UV of <0.01% to eliminate any distinguishable differences between LEDs. The device comes with CAN-FD physical layer that enables it to deliver robust and reliable performance at up to 2 Mbit speeds.

The MLX81117 LED driver IC comes with brightness control across a wide dimming range for enabling adjustments for natural light levels. It is compliant with SO 26262 functional safety requirements up to safety integrity level B (ASIL B) and its intelligent and high-resolution operation helps mitigate temperature-related color drift. Additionally, it delivers low EMI and high levels of immunity thereby enabling designers to meet EMC regulations.

Key Features of MLX81117 RGB LED Driver IC

  • MCU for extended LED control algorithm, color mixing, and full diagnosis
  • Red/Green and Blue LED temperature compensation without additional external components
  • Color mixing accuracy of < 1% delta UV
  • 16-bit color/intensity control
  • Storage of LED calibration data directly within LED driver
  • MeLiBu  communication interface
  • Real-time update of > 250 RGB LEDs without delay
  • 5.5 - 18 V supply voltage (40 V proof)
  • ASIL B classification
  • QFN32 5x5 package, 32 pins
  • 16 LED drivers