Fully Integrated Precise Time Scale System Combines Multiple High-Performance Clocks to Provide Primary Source of UTC-Class Time for National Timing of Critical Infrastructure

Published  July 11, 2022   0
Fully Integrated Precise Time Scale System

Microchip Technology Inc. has announced the new Precise Time Scale System which is a fully integrated system capable of providing timing accuracies and the core products integrated into this PTSS are SyncSystem 4380A Time Scale Edition, Time Scale Orchestrator, 5071A Cesium Clock Primary Frequency Standard, and MHM 2020 Active Hydrogen Maser. This PTSS is traceable to Universal Coordinated Time (UTC) and not dependent on GNSS, providing nations, institutions, critical infrastructure operators, and scientific labs with complete control over the time source that their infrastructure depends on.

The Precise Time Scale System integrates the new portfolio of time scale products into a turnkey solution, available in a single rack and guaranteed by a complete Factory Acceptance Test (FAT) that exceeds the most stringent requirements. Microchip's SyncServer S600/S650 and TimeProvider 4100 time servers are integrated into the system to provide Trusted Time to critical infrastructure using both Network Time Protocol (NTP) and Precision Time Protocol (PTP).

The Core Products Integrated into the PTSS:

  • SyncSystem 4380A Time Scale Edition generates an autonomous time scale derived from combining sever­al highly accurate independent clocks with a multi-channel instrument for measuring and comparing clock performance.

  • Time Scale Orchestrator is a software platform providing a unified view with a built-in database that integrates the management, monitoring, alarming, and reporting functions of the individual prod­ucts that form the time scale system.

  • 5071A Cesium Clock Primary Frequency Standard and MHM 2020 Active Hydrogen Maser are Microchip’s atomic clocks that provide accurate and stable frequencies that are continuously measured against each other to compute and generate the ensemble time scale frequency.