Fully Integrated 3-Phase MOSFET Gate Driver Optimized for BLDC Motor Drives

Published  August 17, 2021   0
Trinamic 3-Phase MOSFET Gate Driver

TRINAMIC which is the part of Maxim Integrated has released a fully integrated TMC6140-LA three-phase MOSFET gate driver that simplifies design and maximizes battery life of brushless direct current (DC) motor drives. This high-performance device integrates three bottom shunt amplifiers to provide a complete motor drive solution with improved power efficiency. Additionally, it simplifies design by reducing the component count by half. 

The TMC6140-LA MOSFET Gate Driver offers a wide voltage range which makes it suitable to be used in servo motors, brushless motors, and permanent magnet synchronous motors. This gate driver is equipped with pins to add a charge pump, statically stabilizing the gate voltages of external MOSFETs in three-phase motors with up to 100A of coil current.

Offered in a 36-pin quad-flat no-leads (QFN) package, the gate driver is a flexible solution offering 0.5A or 1.0A gate driver current for 5V to 30V DC battery-powered applications like power tools where voltages can drop below 10V. Integrated current sense and diagnostics features add functional safety while simplifying design.

The TMC6140-LA integrates three bottom shunt amplifiers for current sense and diagnostics, as well as a switching regulator, simplifying design and reducing the component count by 50% compared to similar solutions. The TMC6140-LA is available for $2.68 (1000-up, FOB USA) from Trinamic authorized distributors. Besides, the TMC6140-EVAL evaluation board and TMC6140-EVAL-KIT evaluation kit with both bridge and driver evaluation boards are also offered for $66 and $130, respectively.