Full HD LCD Video Controller with MIPI-CSI2 Input for Automotive Applications


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RAA278842 - Full HD LCD Video Controller with MIPI-CSI2 Input for Automotive Applications

Renesas announced the Full HD 1080p LCD video controller to include a 4-lane MIPI-CSI2 input for Automotive industry. The RAA278842 LCD video controller’s 4-lane (or dual 2-lane) MIPI-CSI2 input can support up to 1Gbps per lane to interface with the latest generation of automotive cameras, application processors and graphics processors. The controller can support a variety of video interfaces and LCD panel sizes having the resolution up to 1920x1080. It also supports a 150 MHz single-channel OpenLDI interface. 


The RAA278842 with MIPI-CSI2 output and RAA278843 with traditional BT.656 output is integrated with the system’s main processor to monitor the camera and the video data from the SoC or GPU. The controller can be programmed to display the carmaker’s logo once the vehicle is ignited and the on-screen display feature can stimulate the traditional tell-tale warning lamp checks in the instrumentation cluster application. Both the controllers enable compliance with the FMVSS-111 safety law requiring the blind spot area behind the vehicle is displayed in less than two seconds after the vehicle in reverse gear.


With the help of integration video diagnostics it can detect if the incoming video is frozen or corrupted and can provide a direct path for the rear camera video to be displayed. This process eliminates software related issues that tend to show improper video or delayed video. Some of, application processors take several seconds to boot up, but RAA278842 can display the camera image in less than 500milliseconds hence addressing the fast boot requirement of many OEMs.



  • Two input measurement engines with frozen/abnormal image detection diagnostics to monitor input from the SoC/GPU and camera.

  • EEPROM/SPI flash fast boot allows register programming without requiring an external micro-controller.

  • SPI flash-based, on-screen display (OSD) capable of presenting bit-map graphics in nine windows

  • Proprietary smooth input switching eliminates flicker when switching between sources. 

  • AEC-Q100 Grade-2 qualified and specified for operation from -40°C to +105°C


The RAA278842 and RAA278843 can be combined with Renesas’ R-Car SoC family, RH850 MCU family, and RL78 MCU family, as well as the ISL78302 dual LDO, ISL78322 dual 2A/1.7A synchronous buck regulator, and ISL78228 dual 800mA synchronous buck regulator to provide power rails for the RAA27884x and other ICs on the automotive infotainment system board.



  • Automotive central infotainment displays (CIDs) and head units

  • Instrument clusters, head-up displays (HUDs)

  • Industrial / Military Displays

  • Portable / Consumer displays

  • Mirror replacement display applications that are essential for the growing needs of advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS).

Both RAA278842 with MIPI-CSI2 output and RAA278843 with BT.656 output are available now in a 14mm x 14mm, 128-Lead LQFP package. 

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