EZ-PD USB-C Power Delivery solution for Automotive Applications

Published  May 3, 2023   0
S Staff
EZ-PD USB-C Power Delivery

Infineon Technologies has launched the EZ-PD CCG7D, a dual-port USB-C power delivery (PD) solution with an integrated boost controller for in-car charging applications. This PD solution complies with the latest USB Type-C and PD specifications (Ver. 3.1) and is AEC Q-100 qualified, making it specifically designed for automotive applications that support Display Port (DP) in alternate mode. The EZ-PD CCG7D was developed in collaboration with Li Auto, a Chinese automotive manufacturer for new energy vehicles, and is implemented in their new SUV model L9. It enables USB devices to charge while simultaneously sharing multimedia content with the vehicle, making it suitable for automotive charging applications such as head unit chargers, rear seat chargers, and rear seat entertainment systems.

According to Ganesh Subramaniam, Senior Vice President and General Manager, Wired Connectivity Solutions from Infineon, "Infineon offers seamless interoperability for the automotive market by enabling both USB-C PD charging and display port alternate mode capabilities with the EZ-PD CCG7D. Model L9 is the leading car model with USB-C PD alternate mode function globally now. With this, we enable charging of devices as well as multimedia content sharing in the car, providing convenience and a new user experience for passengers and drivers."

The CCG7D-based alternate-mode solution includes two USB-C ports, with one supporting DP-Sink and the other supporting DP-Source. This allows a two-way multimedia entertainment centre to be implemented in the car, enabling USB devices to be charged and streaming video from the cell phone or PC to the car display and/or sending video to VR goggles. The integration provided by CCG7D reduces the bill of materials and provides an optimized footprint for solutions with an output power of up to 100 W per port. Additionally, a single-port variant, the EZ PD CCG7S, is also available, which is qualified to AEC Q-100 standard.

The CCG7D series chips are available in PG-VQFN-68 package while CCG7S series chips are available in PG-VQFN-68 package. The CCG7D currently cost around 10$ with a MOQ of 2000 while the CCG7S series costs around 5$ at the same MOQ. Form factor reference designs of EZ PD USB-C PD solutions CCG7D and CCG7S are now available.