Evaluation board from Infineon for Industrial motor drives up to 7.5 kW


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EVAL-M5-E1B145N-Sic Motor Drive Evaluation Board

Infineon Technologies is now targeting the next group of applications, the silicon carbide (SiC), which is en route to mainstream applications like photovoltaic and uninterruptible power supplies. The evaluation board EVAL-M5-E1B145N-Sic helps to pave the way for SiC in motor drives. It was developed to support customers during their first step in designing industrial drive applications with a maximum of 7.5kW motor output. The Evaluation Board is optimized for general purpose drives as well as for servo drives with very high frequency. It features the EasyPACK 1B in SixPack configuration with 1200V CoolSic MOSFET and a typical on-state resistance of 45mΩ.


Features of EVAL-M5-E1B145N-Sic Motor Drive Evaluation Board:

  • Input Voltage ranges from 340V to 480V
  • Maximum 7.5 kW motor power output
  • Auxiliary Power supply with 5V
  • EasyPACK 1B 1200 V / 45 mΩ six-pack module with CoolSiC MOSFET
  • The power stage contains sensing circuits for current and voltage
  • Equipped with all assembly elements in Sensorless Field Oriented Control (FOC)
  • Lead-free terminal plating; RoHS compliant
  • Low inductive design
  • Has an integrated NTC temperature sensor
  • Over-temperature and over-current protection as well as short circuit protection


The evaluation board consists of an EasyPACK 1B with CoolSiC MOSFET (FS45MR12W1M1_B11), a 3-phase AC connector, EMI filter, rectifier and a 3-phase output for connecting the motor. Based on the Modular Application Design Kit (MADK) the board is equipped with the Infineon standard M5 32 pin interface that allows the connection to a control unit such as the XMC DriveCard 4400 or 1300.


The EVAL-M5-E1B1245N-SiC can be ordered now. For more details about the evaluation board, visit the product page on the official website.

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