EsPiFF: ESP32-WROVER with an RP2040 Co-Processor in a Raspberry Pi 4 Form Factor

Published  November 1, 2022   0
S Staff

EsPiFF is an ESP32 in a Raspberry Pi 4 form factor which is capable of utilizing nearly every Pi 4 enclosure and HAT and is particularly well suited to measurement, control, and automation projects where the current consumption and heat generation of a Pi or the potential instability of its SD card could be problematic. This EsPiFF packs an additional punch with wired and wireless Ethernet, an SD card socket, and an RP2040 co-processor.

This ESP32-WROVER comes with 8 MB PSRAM and 16 MB Flash in a Raspberry Pi 4 form factor and features 2 KB of fast FRAM for permanent storage of process data. It has an unpopulated footprint for up to 512 Mbit state-of-the-art ISSI flash and micro SD card socket for storage. Moreover, it has a USB Type-C connector on CH340 USB-UART for programming as well as power draw up to 5V / 3A for power-hungry HATs.

Key Specifications

  • Wi-Fi connectivity (requires an external U.FL antenna)

  • 10/100 wired Ethernet via IP101 PHY

  • PoE header, to use Raspberry Pi PoE HATs. EsPiFF can be powered from a HAT or can power the HAT

  • 40-pin Rasperry Pi header, compatible with all Raspberry Pi HATs

  • RP2040 co-processor to emulate the Pi on the 40 pin connector, with 8 MB Flash

  • External realtime clock, watchdog, and supervisor for high-availability, 24/7 applications

  • On-board supercap to keep the realtime clock running for days, even without power. The supercap has, in contrast to a battery, a practically infinite lifetime

  • USB-Host on the USB Type-A connector

  • BOOT button for the RP2040, to switch between USB-Programming and USB-Host/Device

  • ESP32 reset button and three user LEDs

  • Unpopulated JTAG header for kernel developers