ESP32-C3 Based CAN Adapter for Car Hacking and General CAN Bus Development

Published  August 4, 2022   0
L Lakshita
ESP32-C3 Based CAN Adapter

WiCAN from MeatPi Electronics is a powerful ESP32-C3-based CAN adapter for car hacking and general CAN Bus development which is available in two form factors, OBD-II and standard USB-CAN adapter. The original firmware can interface directly with RealDash over Wi-Fi or BLE. Realdash allows the creation of your own custom dashboard with stunning graphics and is available on Android, iOS, and Windows 10. It can connect to your existing Wi-Fi network, and any device can connect to that Wi-Fi access point. Wi-Fi and CAN configuration can be set via the configuration web server.

The screw terminal connector version of WiCAN can be powered from the either USB or screw terminal connector and accepts a wide voltage range of 5 V up to 36 V. Both versions support power saving mode, which detects if the voltage drops under 13 V or a preset value. In power saving mode WiCAN will automatically go into sleep mode dropping current consumption below 1 mA. It also works with BUSMaster, for monitoring and logging CAN bus traffic. Moreover, there is an available API for LabView, C#, VB.Net, Delphi, and Python, in case you’re writing your own software.

Features and Specifications of WiCAN

  • Consumes less than 1 mA in battery-saving mode

  • Screw Terminal connector input voltage 5 V to 36 V

  • Firmware update over Wi-Fi

  • Supports CAN 2.0A/B up to 1 Mbits

  • Works with Realdash, based on "realdash 66"

  • Supports SocketCAN and works with BUSMaster

  • Supports TCP and UDP

  • Wi-Fi can be used in AP and station mode

  • Wi-Fi and CAN configured using web interface

  • Diode protection for the USB port