Enhanced RX65N Wi-Fi Connectivity Cloud Kit Simplifies Secure IoT Endpoint Device Connections to Amazon Web Services

Published  August 20, 2019   0
Enhanced RX65N Wi-Fi Connectivity Cloud Kit Simplifies Secure IoT Endpoint Device Connections to Amazon Web Services

Renesas Electronics launched enhanced RX65N Cloud Kit featuring onboard Wi-Fi, environmental, light and inertial sensors, and support for Amazon FreeRTOS connected to Amazon Web Services (AWS). The Renesas’s kit provides embedded designers a fast start and secure connection to Amazon Web Services (AWS). To create IoT applications, the developers can utilise Renesas’s e2 studio Integrated Development Environment (IDE) by configuring Amazon FreeRTOS, all the necessary drivers, and the network stack and component libraries.


The enhanced RX65N Cloud Kit offers an excellent evaluation and prototyping environment which help embedded designers to create secure end-to-end Internet of Things (IoT) cloud solutions for sensor-based endpoint equipment. By leveraging Renesas’ browser-based software, users will be able to visualize their sensor data by using a smart device cloud dashboard to monitor a wide range of applications including networked building, smart meters, office, and industrial automation systems, as well as home appliances. The dual bank feature makes it secure and easily programmable via the network and remote over-the-air (OTA) firmware updates. The dual bank flash also enables both BGO (Back Ground Operation) and SWAP functions which makes it easier for system and network control manufacturers to securely and reliably execute in-the-field firmware updates.


The RX65N Cloud Kit integrates Trusted Secure IP (TSIP) as part of their built-in hardware security engine which utilises strong encryption key management with hardware accelerators such as AES, 3DES, SHA, RSA, and TRNG along with a protected boot code flash area to securely boot customers’ IoT devices.


Key Features of RX65N Cloud Kit:

  • RX65N R5F565NEDDFP 32-bit, 120 MHz MCU Target Board with 2 MB code flash memory and 640 KB SRAM
  • Pmod Module with Silex SX-ULPGN Wi-Fi communications
  • Cloud Option Board with two USB ports for serial communications and debugging, and three sensors for sampling and sending measurement data to the cloud:
    • Renesas ISL29035 digital light sensor for ambient/infrared light measurement
    • Bosch BMI160 MEMS sensor for 3-axis acceleration and gyroscopic measurement
    • Bosch BME680 MEMS sensor for gas, temperature, humidity, and pressure measurements
  • Renesas e2 studio IDE allows designers to develop IoT applications with powerful features:
    • Create the latest Amazon FreeRTOS project from GitHub directory and immediately build it
    • Set up Amazon FreeRTOS network stack (TCP/IP, Wi-Fi, MQTT) and component libraries, like Device Shadow, without requiring detailed knowledge
    • Embed additional functions (based on Amazon FreeRTOS) such as USB and file-system on the IoT endpoint device


The RX65N Cloud Kit is available now and can be ordered from Renesas Electronics’ worldwide distributors with a recommended resale price of $50.00 USD.