Enhanced AMT 10E Series supports extended incremental resolutions up to 5120 PPR

Published  June 23, 2021   0
S Staff
AMT10E Series Incremental Encoder

CUI Devices’ Motion Group has announced a new model to its AMT incremental encoder family which is based on the existing AMT 10E series package. The new AMT10E series offers 13 new resolutions which are not possible in the standard version, including the common 1250 PPR, 2500 PPR, and 5120 PPR resolutions and the series achieves this by increasing the internal sinusoidal pattern count by 2.5 times, which in effect increases the standard resolution set by 2.5 times. It Features a total of 16 quadrature resolutions from 120 to 5120 PPR which is selectable via an onboard DIP switch.

The AMT10E series is designed using ASIC technology that produces high levels of durability, accuracy, and immunity to environmental particulates. It is available in compact radial or axial package types, boasts a low current draw of 6 mA at 5 V, and carries a CMOS output with an optional index pulse.

Features and Specifications:

  • patented capacitive ASIC technology 
  • low power consumption
  • CMOS outputs
  • 16 DIP switch selectable resolutions
  • index pulse
  • modular package design
  • straight (radial) and right-angle (axial) versions
  • 9 mounting hole options for radial version
  • 8 mounting hole options for axial version
  • -40~100°C operating temperature

The AMT10E-V kit affords users further flexibility during development and design with the inclusion of 9 different sleeves bore options from 2 mm to 8 mm, two simple mounting tools, and two baseplates with multiple pre-drilled mounting hole patterns to mate with a wide range of motors.

The AMT10E series is available with prices starting at $21.26 per unit at 50 pieces through distribution.