Energy-Saving Wide-Voltage Contractor Control Module Series with Strong Anti-Tripping Capability

Published  September 29, 2021   0
95-300A Energy-Saving Wide-Voltage Contractor Control Module KM Series

Mornsun KM series of 95-300A​ energy saving wide-voltage contactor modules come with low power consumption, low delay, small size, low-cost high reliability and strong anti-tripping capability feature-set. These modules are safe and reliable, with stable pull-in and can be used in various types of contactor power-saving and a new generation of wide-voltage input contactors.

The remote-control function of the KM series modules enables contractors to realize the interconnection through MCU and network the contractors with intelligence. The modules can be used to control the contractor on/off remotely to achieve intelligent IoT.

These contractor-control modules offer ultra-wide input voltage range from 75 to 305VAC/VDC, and AC and DC dual use thereby reducing the risk of failure. Besides being easy to operate, these devices help in reducing high-cost of multi-model management and the users don’t have to undergo tedious selection procedure.  The built-in EMC protection and strong electromagnetic compatibility ability make the devices in the series ideal to be used in various applications.