EE-SX4330 Photomicrosensor: Ultra-Compact Non-Contact Sensor for Presence and Position Detection

Published  April 5, 2023   0
S Staff
EE-SX4330 Photomicrosensor

EE-SX4330 is a new ultra compact transmissive type photomicrosensor from Omron Electronics Components. Omron’s EE-SX Series photomicrosensors offer a low-cost, non-contact and high-speed solution for Presence/ Absence/Position Detection. They eliminate contact bounce and wear typical of other type of sensors used in such applications. The EE-SX4330 is a non-contact photo sensor with a slot width of 3mm. The EE-SX4330 offers an High output during the light input with a sensing distance of 3mm.

Compact size and SMD package make the new EE-SX4330 the best candidate for applications that need compact size and space constrains. It comes in a SMD package with the dimensions of 6x4x5mm and weighs around 0.2g. It features an emitter with an opening of 1.4x1.4mm and the detector with an opening of 1x0.3mm.

The EE-SX4330 will be available in 2 different MOQs, the part number EE-SX4330 is available at a minimum deliverable quantity of 1000 in tap reels, while the part number EE-SX4330-1 is available in cut tape in a minimum quantity of 100.