Dual H-bridge Motor Driver IC with PWM Control for Brushed DC motors and Stepping Motors used in Mobile Devices and Home Appliances

Published  October 23, 2020   0
TC78H660FNG Dual H-bridge Motor Driver IC from Toshiba

Housed in a TSSOP16 package with a widely used pin-assignment, TC78H660FNG from Toshiba is a dual H-bridge motor driver IC with PWM control for mobile devices and home appliances. Toshiba’s new-generation DMOS process allows the new motor driver to achieve a low ON resistance of 0.48Ω at its maximum rating of 18V/2.0A and reduces heat generation compared with Toshiba’s current products.

The TC78H660FNG comes with a regulator for driving internal circuits and can drive a motor with a single power supply ranging from 2.5V to 16V. From mobile devices powered by a 3.7V lithium-ion battery, 5V USB powered devices, and 12V system devices for home appliances, the motor driver has many applications. Besides, it also supports a low 1.8V interface.

This motor driver has brushed DC motors (dual-motor control is possible) and bipolar stepping motors. Over-current detection, thermal shutdown, under-voltage lockout, flag output function for overcurrent detection and thermal shut-down are its safety features and it comes in a 5.0mm×6.4mm compact package.

Other than being a single power drive and having simple PWM control, the low ON resistance of the motor driver reduces heat generation compared with the existing products (Ron=0.48Ω (upper + lower: typ.) @VM=12V, Ta = 25°C). Low current consumption (ultra-low standby current: 0.1μA or less Ta=25°C) is its additional trait.

Here’s a Quick Look at the Standout Features of TC78H660FNG

  • Built-in Dual H Bridge
  • PWM controlled constant-current drive
  • Power supply operating voltage: 2.5 V to 16.0 V
  • Output current ratings: 2.0 A (max)
  • Low on-resistance (High + Low side = 0.48 Ω (typ.)) MOSFET output stage
  • Built-in Sense resistor less current control architecture (Advanced Current Detection System)
  • Multi error detect functions (Thermal shutdown (TSD), Over current (ISD)) and Under-voltage lockout(UVLO))
  • Error detection (TSD/ISD) flag output function
  • Built-in VCC regulator for an internal circuit
  • The chopping frequency of a motor can be adjusted by an external resistor
  • Selectable Forward / Reverse / Stop / Brake modes