Diodes Incorporated released new PCIe 2.0 Packet Switches to meet the needs of 5G, IoT and AI


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Diodes Incorporated released new PCIe 2.0 Packet Switches to meet the needs of 5G,IoT and AI

Diodes Incorporated added another products to its packet switch family. DI has released four new PCI Express (PCIe) Gen 2.0 packet switches with 4-lanes and 3-port/4-port. The four PCI packet switches features integrated clock buffers, low-power solutions to increase the fan-out of a PCIe port on application processors, SoCs, FPGAs, and chipsets targeting the embedded, networking, storage, PC and consumer sectors. The new packet switches are designed to meet the needs of 5G, IoT and AI networks and well suited for applications such as 5G/LTE, Wifi Routers, STB, Security Systems, IPC, NAS and other power sensitive, high-power networks.


The four PI7C9X2G304SV, PI7C9X2G304EV, PI7C9X2G404SV, and PI7C9X2G404EV, offers power dissipation down to as low as 300mW and even lower than this. The latency is just 150ns for packet routed through switches, without blocking. The maximum payload is 512-bytes with downstream port containment in the event of sudden loss of power or other failure. Also out of four switches, the PI7C9X2G304SV and PI7C9X2G304EV offer 3-ports/4-lanes, while the PI7C9X2G404SV and PI7C9X2G404EV provide 4-ports/4-lanes.


Main features of PI7C9X2G304SV, PI7C9X2G304EV, PI7C9X2G404SV, and PI7C9X2G404EV are:

  • Increases the fan-out of PCI port.
  • The four devices offer extended virtual channel capability providing twi virtual channels and support for eith traffic class channels.
  • Operating Temperature range of -400C to +800C.

The The PI7C9X2G304SV and PI7C9X2G404SV are available in the 128-pin LQFP package (14mm x 14mm) and the PI7C9X2G304EV and PI7C9X2G404EV are available in the 136-pin aQFN package (10mm x 10mm). 

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