Bipolar Transistors with Smaller Form Factor (3.3mm X 3.3mm) and Increased Power Density

Published  February 26, 2019   0
S Staff
New Tansistors with Smaller Form Factor(3.3mm X 3.3mm) with Increased Power Density

Diodes Incorporated extends its transistor family with release of NPN and PNP power bipolar transistors in a much smaller form factor of 3.3mm X 3.3mm. The transistors enable higher power density designs in gate-driving power MOSFET’s and IGBTs, Linear DC-DC step-down regulators, PNP LDOs and load switch circuits which helps in applications which require 100V and 3A current. The Transistors features the compact PowerDI3333 surface mount package.


The two new transistors DXTN07xxxxFG (NPN) and DXTP07xxxxFG (PNP) occupies 70% less PCB space than previous SOT223 transistors. With featured wettable flanks, the the new PowerDI3333 package increases PCB throughput. The transistors will help increase the speed and automatic optical inspection(AOI) of solder joint. This will eliminate the need for X-ray inspection. The transistor will deliver similar power dissipation in more thermally efficient package.


The specifications DXTN07xxxxFG (NPN) and DXTP07xxxxFG (PNP) are:

  • VCEO = 25V-100V
  • Power Dissipation = 2W
  • Temperature Range = up to +1750C
  • Dimension = 3.3mm x 3.3mm x 0.8mm

The commercial samples of full range DXTN07xxxxFG and DXTP07xxxxFG devices will be available by end of Q1 2019. The transistors are priced at $0.19 each in 5000 piece quantities.