Digital Inclinometer with Programmable Machine Learning Core for Industrial Automation and Structural Health Monitoring


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IIS2ICLX Digital Inclinometer from STMicroelectronics

STMicroelectronics has introduced a high accuracy low power 2 axis digital inclinometer for applications such as industrial automation and structural-health monitoring. The IIS2ICLX has advanced embedded functions that lower system-level power consumption to extend the operation of battery-powered nodes.

The programmable machine learning core and 16 independent programmable finite state machines of the device help in saving power and reduce data transfers to the cloud. The IIS2ICLX inclinometer has a selectable full scale of ±0.5/±1/±2/±3g and provides outputs over an I2C or SPI digital interface. With stable operation over temperature to within 0.075mg/°C, the device ensures high accuracy and repeatability even when there are extreme fluctuations in ambient temperatures.

The new IIS2ICLX combines high stability and repeatability, high accuracy, and high resolution, this made it suitable for applications such as antenna pointing and monitoring, platform leveling, forklift, and construction machines, leveling instruments, equipment installation and monitoring, and installation and sun-tracking for solar panels, as well as Industry 4.0 applications such as robots and autonomous guided vehicles (AGVs).

With an ultra-low noise density of 15μg/√Hz, the device can provide high-resolution tilt sensing and it can also sense low-level, low-frequency vibration which is required in the structural health monitoring. The –axis IIS2ICLX accelerometer can sense the tilt with respect to a horizontal plane along two axes, it can also measure the tilt with high ad repeatable accuracy and resolution with respect to a single direction of the horizontal plane over a range of ±180° by combining the two axes.

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