Digi-Key Electronics Introduces Power Focus Campaign with Molex to Provide Power Connectivity Solution

Published  May 12, 2021   0
S Staff
Digi-Key Electronics Introduces Power Focus Campaign with Molex

Digi-Key Electronics has introduced a power focus campaign with Molex to provide Digi-Key customers with a wealth of power connectivity solutions to meet the demands of an increasingly diverse market. As industries evolve to address new challenges, Molex power connectivity solutions have grown to embrace these trends, be it increased connectivity in tighter spaces, next-generation automotive and industrial solutions, or increasingly diverse medical applications.

To meet current industry demands for smaller interconnects, Molex provides connectors designed to support power supplies and systems that require a very high-current transfer in challenging and thermal-constrained spaces. Molex connectors are also ideal for next-generation computing applications requiring higher-power distribution and proven technology for long-term performance and reliability in a range of industries. With current ratings of up to 200A and broad circuit size options, the Molex range includes proven solutions such as the FiT Family and KK Connector Systems, as well as new innovations including the Coeur CST High Current Interconnect and L1NK Connector Systems.

"We are excited to drive this focus campaign on power connectors with Digi-Key," said Fred Bell, vice president of global distribution at Molex. "We combine our product know-how with Digi Key's expertise in serving engineering customers at any scale to leverage the strengths of both parties."

For more information about Molex and to place an order, please visit the Digi-Key website.