Contactless Payment gets a light up: Infineon's LED-Enabled SECORA Pay Cards

Published  November 22, 2023   0
S Staff
Contactless Payment gets a light up- Infineon's LED-Enabled SECORA Pay Cards

Infineon Technologies's SECORA Pay security solution is revolutionizing the contactless payment landscape by integrating LED technology into payment cards. This innovative approach, certified by Visa and Mastercard, allows for a more engaging contactless payment experience. As contactless payments gain global traction due to their ease and efficiency, this technology stands out by providing not just a payment method, but also an interactive experience. The LEDs embedded in the card light up during transactions, offering visual confirmation at point-of-service terminals, thereby enhancing the user experience and brand visibility for banks.Tolgahan Yildiz, Vice President at Infineon, emphasizes the high standards digital payment users expect in terms of convenience, performance, and security.

 The SECORA Pay range addresses these needs with its system-level innovations, including easy-to-integrate LED inlays for an interactive payment process without compromising security. The portfolio features a security controller with certified software and Coil-on-Module chip modules, facilitating fast and efficient card production. These advancements enable card manufacturers to incorporate customizable LEDs, furthering brand differentiation. Moreover, the LED function, powered by the POS terminal's NFC field, requires no battery, simplifying integration into card manufacturers' processes and ensuring quick market readiness.