Congatec Introduces Ultra-Rugged 13th Gen Intel Core Modules for Extreme Environments

Published  November 16, 2023   0
S Staff
Ultra-Rugged 13th Gen Intel Core Modules

Congatec, a leader in embedded and edge computing technology, has launched a new series of ultra-rugged COM Express Compact Computer-on-Modules. These modules are powered by the 13th Gen Intel Core processors and are distinguished by their extreme ruggedness, capable of operating in harsh temperature ranges from -40°C to +85°C. These new CoM’s are specifically designed for challenging environments, featuring soldered RAM for enhanced shock and vibration resistance, complying with stringent railway standards. These modules are ideal for various applications, such as rail and off-road vehicles in sectors like mining, construction, agriculture, forestry, and other extreame condition applications. They also cater to stationary devices and outdoor applications that experience significant temperature fluctuations, emphasizing the need for critical infrastructure protection in scenarios like earthquakes and other mission-critical events.

The new modules have CPUs with  up to 14 cores and 20 threads, supported by ultra-fast LPDDR5x memory, making them highly efficient for multitasking in outdoor and rugged environments. The incorporation of Intel's hybrid architecture, combining Performance-cores and Efficient-cores, enhances their performance within optimized power budgets. Additionally, these modules are supported by congatec's comprehensive ecosystem, which includes active and passive cooling solutions, optional conformal coating for environmental protection, and carrier board schematics. Services like real-time hypervisor technology, shock and vibration testing, temperature screening, and high-speed signal compliance testing, complemented by design-in services and training sessions, are also available, ensuring a seamless integration of congatec's advanced computing technologies.