Complete Full-Bridge System-in-Package Includes MOSFETs, Gate Drivers, and Protection to Save Space, Simplify Design and Streamline Assembly

Published  December 13, 2017   0
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PWD13F60 STMicroelectronics

STMicroelectronics developed a new module PWD13F60 which saves the material cost, lesser dimension (13*11mm) and contains a full bridge MOSFET with rating of 600v/8A, having a lesser board space in motor drives, lamp ballasts, converters and inverters. 


This component boost end-application power density, also comes with a footprint 60% lesser dimension than a comparable circuit built from the different components. By integrating four power MOSFETs, it presents a uniquely efficient alternative to other modules on the market that are typically dual-FET half-bridge or six-FET three-phase devices. In replacement of these choice we can use only one PWD13F60 to implement a single-phase full bridge, without leaving any MOSFET unused. This module can also be used as a single full bridge or can be used as two half bridges.


Leveraging ST’s high-voltage BCD6s-Offline fabrication process, the PWD13F60 integrates gate drivers for the power MOSFETs and the bootstrap diodes needed for high-side driving, which simplifies board design and streamlines assembly by eliminating external components. For the low electromagnetic interference (EMI) and reliable switching the gate drivers are optimized. This module also features with the protection of cross-conduction protection and under-voltage lockout, which helps further minimize footprint while ensuring system safety.


It’s having a supply-voltage range of 6.5v, this feature also increase the flexibility of module with a simplified design. The Sip inputs can also accept logic signals in range of 3.3v to 15v for getting an easy interfacing with the micro-controllers (MCUs), digital signal processors (DSPs) or Hall sensors.


Now available in multi-island VFQFPN package which is thermally efficient. The PWD13F60 comes with a price of $2.65 for order of 100 pieces.

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Source: STMicroelectronics