Compact RF Solutions for Macro Base Transceiver Stations to Deliver Wide Frequency Range and Improved Isolation

Published  January 21, 2021   0
RF Solutions for Macro Base Transceiver Stations

Strengthening the RF portfolio for traditional macro base transceiver stations (BTS), Renesas Electronics Corporation has released 4 new quad-channel TX VGA RF devices to deliver high performance, high reliability, flexibility, and smaller form factor in 5G Macro BTS systems. The expanded RF lineup includes F4482/1 TX variable gain amplifiers (VGA), the F011x family of dual-channel first-stage low noise amplifiers (LNA), F1471 high-power pre-driver with P1dB of over 1/2W, and the F2934 RF switch with higher isolation in a smaller package for digital pre-distortion (DPD) feedback path.

The new RF devices integrate Renesas’ Smart Silicon innovations and perform well across a wide range of environmental conditions and frequency bandwidths enabling smaller footprints for a given function which is a key advantage for the large number of antenna paths required for each system.

The new RF Devices added to the Macro BTS Portfolio are

  • Highly integrated F4482/1 quad-path TX VGAs: RF frequency range is 400 MHz to 2800 MHz. Balun, low pass filter, amplifier, and digital step attenuators are integrated on one die. Renesas’ Zero Distortion technology for enhanced quality of service with increased dynamic range, and Glitch-Free technology to protect PA Assembly and simplify DPD implementation
  • Dual-channel F011x first-stage LNAs (balanced LNA or two-channel LNA): Its RF frequency range is 650 MHz to 2700 MHz, low noise figure is 0.55dB at 2600 MHz with low return loss (-27dB input, -23dB output).
  • High-linearity F1471 RF driver amplifier: RF frequency range is 400 MHz to 4200 MHz with 17dB gain. OIP3 up to +38dBm and OP1dB of 28.5dBm at 2600 MHz. Adjustable OIP3 performance and DC bias for tuning flexibility
  • High-reliability SP2T F2934 RF switch: RF frequency range of 50 MHz to 6000 MHz. Higher isolation (70dB at 1 GHz and 2 GHz, 74dB at 3 GHz, and 67dB at 4 GHz) in a small 3×3 QFN package that addresses PCB real-estate constraints. Renesas Kz Constant Impedance technology to maintain VSWR during the switching transition

The F4482/1, F011x, F1471, and F2934 devices are available now from the company website. Macro BTS customers can combine these new devices with the recently released F1490 high-gain RF amplifier and highly integrated F0443 RX VGA for complete RF signal chain solutions.