Compact Power Management IC with 300mA Switching Charger for 4x Faster Charging and 60% Reduced BOM

Published  September 22, 2021   0

Maxim Integrated has introduced compact single-inductor multiple-output (SIMO) power management IC (PMIC), MAX77659 that reduces the bill of materials by 60% and shrinks down the total solution size by 50%. This PMIC with an integrated switch-mode buck-boost charger from Analog Devices can charge wearables, hearables, and Internet of Things (IoT) devices faster and in less space than other PMICs available in the market. 

In 10-minutes charge, the MAX77659 SIMO PMIC delivers over 4 hours of playtime and uses a single inductor to power multiple rails. The switch-mode buck-boost charger and three independently programmable buck-boost regulators that this device integrates, share a single inductor and minimize total solution size. Moreover, the regulators extend battery life by operating at 91% efficiency during moderate to heavy load conditions while consuming 5µA of quiescent current during light load conditions. 

Additionally, the MAX77659 SIMO PMIC supports autonomous headroom control that helps in reducing heat dissipation by minimizing the voltage drop while providing enough headroom to regulate the charging current. Expanded memory storage, location tracking, and vital sensing make this IC the ideal solution for portable consumer and medical devices. MAX77659 SIMO PMIC is available in 30-bump 2.55mm x 2.37mm x 0.5mm WLP package from the company website. Also, the customers can get MAX77659EVKIT if needed.