New Compact High Output Lens LEDs Eliminate the Need for Light Leakage Countermeasures in Vehicle Instrument Clusters


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New Compact High Output Lens LEDs

ROHM launched new line-up of compact high output surface mount LEDs equipped with lens and includes 18 devices comprised of the CSL0901 series featuring standard brightness and the high brightness CSL0902 series. The devices improves reliability, increases core brightness by 5 to 7 times over conventional LEDs and reduces size of various applications with its small compact size of 1608(1.6mm x 0.8mm). The devices will target the applications that require high reliability at the component level, such as developing the first high-brightness silver-free LEDs to prevent sulfuration which is one of the cause of aging in many applications.


The new 18 devices are automotive-grade products that make sure high reliability in vehicle instrument clusters which operate under harsh environments. The devices are able to significantly reduce light leakage since the light source position is raised from 0.18mm in to 0.49mm. Also the size is reduced by approx. 18x compared to conventional reflector-type LEDs. The new 18 devices are able to prevent light degradation even under high temperature environments such as automotive. The new type of resin used in LEDs for blue, green and white LEDs help to achieve higher reliability. This results in improved residual luminosity rate by approximately 80% over conventional products during high temperature testing with blue LEDs (85°C, IF=20mA, 1,000hrs operation).


Key Features Include:

  • Optimized light source position prevents light leakage, achieving greater space savings
  • Contributes to longer application operation by reducing standby current consumption
  • Newly developed molded resin reduces degradation due to aging
  • Support for AEC-Q102 sulfuration testing

The new series of High Output Lens LEDs are available now and more information can be gathered from ROHM Website.

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