Cirrus Logic’s CS43131 and CS43198 DACs Deliver Exceptional Audio Fidelity for Mobile Devices

Published  April 25, 2019   0
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Cirrus Logic’s CS43131 and CS43198 DACs Deliver Exceptional Audio Fidelity for Mobile Devices

Mouser Electronics is now stocking CS43131 and CS43198 high-performance MasterHIFI™ digital-to-analog converters (DACs) from Cirrus Logic. Supporting sampling frequencies up to 384 kHz, the 32-bit stereo audio DACs deliver exceptional audio quality in a broad range of applications including smartphones, tablets, laptops, powered speakers, digital headphones, portable media players, and home theater systems.


The Cirrus CS43131 and CS43198 DACs deliver exceptional reproduction of high-bandwidth, high-resolution digital audio sources without draining battery life. Built on an enhanced delta-sigma oversampling DAC architecture that includes auto mute detection and low clock jitter sensitivity, the CS43131 and CS43198 help to filter out unwanted noise for ultra-high-quality music playback.


The CS43198 is a next-generation, low-power audio DAC with pseudodifferential stereo analog output, while the CS43131 combines the DAC with a high-fidelity headphone amplifier and integrated high performance, ground-centered stereo headphone outputs. Both DACs deliver up to 2 VRMS output and feature headphone detection, mono mode support, integrated PLL, and Direct Stream Digital (DSD) path support. The devices’ integrated PLL enables maximum clocking flexibility, while Popguard® technology eliminates output transients in power-down or power-up events.


The CS43131 and CS43198 DACs are supported by the CDB43131K and CDB43198K evaluation kits. Both evaluation kits include a USB cable, evaluation board, and High Dynamic Range (HDR) measurement board. The boards connect to a host adapter via I2C interface, supporting communication with a smart codec. The evaluation kits feature configurable serial audio headers, USB audio module capability, and WISCE I2C-based software control. The CDB43198K evaluation kit also offers headphone and line audio outputs.


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