AVX Chipset for Multimedia Connectivity with Reduced Cost and Power

Published  January 13, 2020   0
AVX200T – AVX Chipset

Semtech Corporation has launched the AVX200T, AVX chipset for multimedia connectivity over both copper category cabling and optical fiber. The AVX200T flagship part offers unprecedented levels of performance for AV extension applications such as standalone point-to-point cable extenders, matrix switches, and KVM extension.

AVX200T is designed with a powerful AV processing which allows it to provide broadcast-quality scaling, this eventually allows the endpoint to match the source video to the connected display. The chipset reduces the need for a number of devices required and removes the need to use costly FPGA and image scaling devices. The chipset consumes less than 2.5W with fiber connectivity, whereas other existing technologies operate in the power range of 6 to 8W.

The chipset provides a fully integrated USB HID interface enabling highly integrated low-cost products for KVM applications. The chipset uniquely targets the long reach extension by providing transport over fiber from distances of 300m to over 40km. For more information about AVX200T, visit the official website of Semtech Corporation.