Automotive Qualified Gen 4 PCle Switches Provide Low-Latency and High-Performance Connectivity for ADAS Designs

Published  February 22, 2022   0
Gen 4 Automotive-Qualified PCIe Switches

Microchip Technology Inc. has announced the launch of new Gen 4 automotive-qualified PCIe switches that provide the high-speed interconnect which supports distributed, real-time, safety-critical data processing in ADAS architectures. These Switchtec PFX, PSX, and PAX switch solutions offers high-density, high-reliability solutions for data center, storage, automotive, communications, defense, industrial, and a wide range of other applications.

Offering simple hardware configuration and advanced comprehensive diagnostics and debug capabilities, Switchtec PFX fanout PCIe switches enable PCIe solutions for a wide variety of systems and feature Up to 100 lanes, 52 ports, 48 Non-Transparent Bridges (NTBs) and 26 virtual switch partitions.

The Switchtec PSX programmable PCIe switch is a customer-programmable PCIe switch enabling advanced capabilities to differentiate your end products. Building on the PFX’s PCIe switch feature set, the PSX provides a Software Development Kit (SDK) for custom development of unique solutions.

Switchtec PAX advanced fabric PCIe switches provide high-performance fabric connectivity for low-latency and cost-effective solutions to the disaggregation of computing, networking, Graphics Processing Units (GPUs) and NVMe storage resources.