Automotive Grade 10Gbps Linear ReDriver IC to Transfer Display Port Signals through USB type C Connectors


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PI3DPX1207Q Automotive Grade 10Gbps Linear ReDriver IC

Diodes Incorporated has introduced the PI3DPX1207Q, the industry’s first automotive AEC-Q100 grade 3 qualified 10Gbps USB-C DisplayPort™ Alternate (DP-Alt) mode linear ReDriver™ IC that allows the transfer of Display port signals through a USB type C connector in the DP-Alt mode. The PI3DPX1207Q supports 8.1Gbps DP1.4 and the 10Gbps USB 3.2 specifications and provides a transparent, protocol-agnostic ReDriver capability for a range of automotive applications including infotainment systems and cluster display panels.

The DP-Alt ReDriver is transparent to channel link training and it provides ultra-low latency and excellent signal integrity characteristics for up to 8k display resolutions. All the 4-to-4 linear differential channels can be controlled with the help of I2C commands, including equalization, gain, and output swing. The device is also designed with controllers for adjusting signal integrity settings for compensation and removing intersymbol interference jitter. The AUX switch and AUX listener in the device can monitor for DisplayPort power down commands or a power-down instruction with the help of the I2C interface.

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