Automotive Compliant Dual PNP Transistors for Controlling Matrix LED Light Clusters


ByDinesh Kumar 0

 ZXTP56060FDBQ and ZXTP56020FDBQ Dual PNP Transistor

Diodes Incorporated has introduced the automotive compliant ZXTP56060FDBQ and ZXTP56020FDBQ dual PNP transistor that provides OEMs with a highly efficient solution for controlling matrix LED light clusters. These new transistors were designed to address the demand for the need of dense and highly power-optimized transistors for shunting LEDs in matrix lighting and sweeping indicator applications with the help of an optimized solution for controlling LED strings.

The AEC-Q101 qualified transistors offer a very low VCE(SAT) and offer 60V (ZXTP56060FDBQ) or 20V (ZXTP56020FDBQ) breakdown voltages with a continuous collector current of 2A. The ZXTP56020FDBQ features a maximum VCE(SAT) of 200mV at an LED current of 700mA, this minimizes power dissipation and lowers the operating temperature for a better lifetime and system reliability while offering a maximum power dissipation of 2.47W to enable compact design. The devices are supplied in the compact DFN2020 package (2mmx2mmx0.6mm) priced at $0.1949 each in 3000 piece quantities.

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