ASIL Compliant Automotive Current Sensor ICs for EV Power Systems

Published  November 11, 2022   0
S Staff
Automotive Current Sensor ICs

Melexis has announced two new automotive current sensors MLX91230 and MLX91231 that offer access to shunt or Hall-type current sensor technologies and can measure voltage, current, and temperature. Designed according to the ISO 26262 functional safety standard, both current sensor devices support ASIL integration and provide customers with flexibility and design reusability in their electric vehicle (EV) power systems.

These devices target high-voltage (HV) battery functions. Such functions include current monitoring in battery management systems (BMS), battery disconnect units (BDUs), also known as battery junction boxes (BJBs), and power relay assemblies (PRAs). The MLX91230 exhibits below 1% sensitivity drift and 100mA offset over temperature and operational lifespan. The MLX91231 has a sub-0.5% sensitivity drift with a 50 mA offset.

The MLX91230 is naturally isolated, while the MLX91231 needs external isolation. Each sensor has an integrated temperature sensor, as well as a dedicated safety-rated overcurrent detection pin. They are housed in compact 8-pin SOIC packages.