Industrial Network Transceiver for Smart Sensors, Actuators and Networked Automation Devices


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ASI4U-Industrial Network Transceiver

Renesas Electronics Corporation has introduced the ASI4U-V5 ASSP, a silicon solution to fully implement the ASi-5 (Actuator Sensor Interface version specification version 5) ideal for industrial network equipment. ASi-5 can provide better performance and usability when compared with the ASi-3. The ASSP delivers an easy-to-use Field bus integration option for developers working with sensors, actuators and other industrial equipment requiring easy and cost-efficient Field bus connectivity.


Features of ASI4U- V5 ASSP

  • Operates on  supply voltages 5V & 3.3V and operates at a temperature of -40°C to +85°C
  • The integration of up to 96 devices and operation down to 1.2 ms cycle time with less than 10ns jitter compared with 5 ms cycle times for ASi-3 solutions
  • Support for up to 200m cable and 16 data bits per transport channel
  • Diagnostics and event handling for industry 4.0 applications
  • Backward compatibility with ASi-3 devices
  • Exceptional robustness against electromagnetic disturbers
  • Fully verified and field-proven firmware enables easy integration, as no further programming of the chip is required.


The ASI4U-V5 ASSP incorporates the shorter cycle times, higher resulting from the use of Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiplexing (OFDM), enhanced diagnostics, and state of the art robustness associated with the ASi-5 standard. The ASSP also supports all bus topologies, including line star, and tree. Users can also take advantage of easy and cost-efficient integration with other industrial protocols such as IO-Link and HART.


Renesas will be demonstrating the new ASSP at the SPS fair in November 2019 in Nuremberg. Reference samples of the fully qualified ASi-5 ASSP are available now and the mass production has been planned for March 2020. For more information about the ASI4U-V5 ASSP visit the product page on the official website of Renesas Electronics Corporation.

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