Anritsu and MediaTek Collaborate to verify Wi-Fi 7 Chip Connection

Published  May 5, 2023   0
S Staff
Wi-Fi 7 chip connection

Anritsu Corporation and MediaTek Incorporated have successfully tested the performance and functions of MediaTek’s Filogic chip for the forthcoming IEEE802.11 be( Wi- Fi 7) wireless LAN standard. The new standard is anticipated to achieve a transmission speed of 30 Gbps or further, important faster than Wi- Fi 6/ 6E. The chip has formerly been released to support the rearmost operations and services, similar asultra-high-definition videotape streaming and AR/ VR.

 Anritsu’s network mode technology was used to test the RF characteristics of MediaTek’s chips. This evaluation of IEEE802.11 be RF characteristics with the network mode is a world-first in wireless testing. The WLAN tester from Anritsu will help assure the success of products using MediaTek’s IEEE802.11 be chip.

 Alan Hsu, commercial vice chairman and general director of the Intelligent Connectivity business at MediaTek, stated that this collaboration further brings the most advanced wireless connectivity technologies to the request, and represents MediaTek's commitment to meeting the assiduity's growing demands. Takeshi Shima, Director, Senior Vice President, Test & Measurement Company President at Anritsu, expressed confidence that their test results will support a secure, safe, and rich global society.