Analog Piezoelectric Voice Accelerometer that Enables High Fidelity Voice Pickup in Small Hearable Devices

Published  April 20, 2021   0
 VA1200 Analog Piezoelectric Voice Accelerometer

VA1200 from Vesper is the piezoelectric MEMS voice accelerometer that enables high-fidelity Voice Pickup (VPU) in earbuds, TWS (True Wireless Stereo), VR (Virtual Reality), AR (Augmented Reality), smart-frames, and smart-glasses. Easily integrated into in-ear hearable products, this disruptive, low-power bone conduction vibration sensor reduces design time and design complexity.

The VA1200 Analog Piezoelectric Voice Accelerometer can be used to pick up the wearer’s voice through bone conduction. Using this device in conjunction with a standard microphone, the application can achieve superior background and wind noise reduction. Unlike a traditional microphone, the VA1200 sensor is completely immune to ambient sounds, and only picks up the user’s voice. It picks up the vibration of the user’s voice through the skull and filters out background noises like wind noise, music, subway noise, and crowd noise.

Available in a compact (2.90×2.76×0.9mm3) package, this tiny device offers the best combination of low power, low cost, and high performance as compared to the competing devices. The company’s patented piezoelectric MEMS transducer technology makes it the best bet in terms of quality, robustness, and performance.

High-fidelity VPU, auto-mute, tap detection, voice authentication are some of the standout features of the device. It is reflow solder compatible with no sensitivity degradation. The device operates in environmentally harsh surroundings because it is dust and moisture-resistant.