AEC-Q200 Qualified Haptic Feedback Actuator offers High Force Density for Rugged Automotive Applications

Published  February 10, 2022   0
L Lakshita
Haptic Feedback Actuator IHPT-1411AF-ABA

Vishay Intertechnology has introduced a new customizable haptic feedback actuator IHPT-1411AF-ABA that is an electromagnetic device that converts electrical energy into a mechanical pulse or vibration for touch-based interaction that can be controlled by varying the input voltage amplitude and duty cycle. This new device features a compact, two-piece construction with mounting holes for easy installation and direct application of force. It will be used in automotive dashboards, centre-consoles, and touch screens for human-machine interfaces and can provide tactile feedback electronic shift transmissions, steering wheels, seats, and other in-vehicle controls.

With an operating temperature range to +105˚C, this device features a fast response time of < 5 ms that can be utilized to produce multiple high definition (HD) haptic effects with operating voltages up to 16V. It’s simple bobbin and core components allow designers to lay out a return spring configuration that can be incorporated into the display mounting, eliminating the need for additional housing.

Key Features

  • Solenoid construction provides high impulse vibration for clear tactile feedback in noisy environments
  • This IHPT device can drive up to a 0.5 kg load to 6 g’s of acceleration with a 12 V, 5 ms pulse using Vishay’s spring return test fixture
  • Standard lead termination is dipped 100 % tin solder; customer specific connectors available upon request

Moreover, this device’s low 12V operation eliminates the need for the additional high voltage supplies required by other technologies and can drive a 0.5 kg load to 6 g of acceleration with a 12 V, 5 ms pulse.