Advanced Sound Sensing Solution Alerts ADAS When it Detects Fast-Moving Emergency Vehicles in the Blind Spot

Published  May 20, 2021   0
Advanced Sound Sensing Solution

Infineon Technologies along with the Reality AI has created IM67D130A, an advanced sensing solution for vehicles to provide ADAS the sense of hearing for sensing the fast-moving emergency vehicles behind. This new sensing solution combines the XENSIV MEMS microphones with AURIX microcontroller (MCU) and Reality AI’s Automotive See-With-Sound (SWS) system. Developed based on a Machine Learning Algorithm, this solution can easily detect emergency vehicles, cars, and other road participants hidden in blind spots.

With the increased operating temperature range from -40 °C to +105 °C, this automotive-qualified IM67D130A XENSIV MEMS microphone becomes suitable to be used in harsh automotive environments. The low distortions (THD) and the high acoustic overload point (AOP) of 130 dB SPL enable the microphone to capture distortion-free audio signals in loud environments thereby permitting reliable classification, even if the siren sound is hidden in the high background or wind noise.

The microphone detects the audio signals and the Reality AI software processes it with the help of  AURIX TC3x MCUs that have one to six cores and up to 16 MB of Flash with functional safety up to ASIL-D according to the ISO26262 2018 standard and EVITA full cybersecurity. The high dynamic range of 103 dB for best speech performance, 67 dBSPL signal to noise ratio, <1% total harmonic distortions up to high SPL levels, Digital PDM output, and automotive qualification according to AEC-Q103-003 are the notable features of the IM67D130A XENSIV MEMS microphone.