Adaptec Smart Storage Adapters with Remote Monitoring and Diagnostics Features for Data Center Management


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Adaptec Smart Storage Adapters with Remote Monitoring and Diagnostics Features for Data Center Management

Microchip Technology Inc has announced that Adaptec Smart Storage Adapters are now upgraded with the ability to securely manage and troubleshoot platforms and devices remotely. To do this the adapters require additional software, hardware, and firmware to be interfaced with storage and other server components. The Adaptec Smart Storage Adapters interoperate with MegaRAC SP-X remote monitoring and diagnostics firmware from American Megatrends (AMI) and are supported in its Mega RAC solution development framework.


Features of Adaptec Smart Storage Adapters

  • Power - Up to 35% power savings vs. competing solutions and over 40% lower power than prior generation products
  • Performance - Over 1.7M 4K random read IOPS, a 70% increase over prior gen products
  • Quality and reliability - Smart Storage stack IP has been deployed on over 30 million servers
  • Familiar toolchains - GUI, CLI, and pre-boot tools consistent with prior generation products
  • Consistency - Unified stack ensures consistent performance and user experience across all products
  • Rich portfolio - a Broadest portfolio of SKUs provides the optimal solution mix for varied storage needs
  • Compatibility - Broad operating system support, including inbox drivers
  • CPU Platform Diversity  -Support for Intel, AMD, and Cavium ThunderX2 (ARM)
  • Embedded BMC Management Firmware -AMI MegaRAC SP-X firmware integration enables seamless remote management capabilities including platform status, diagnosis, and recovery


The interoperability between Adaptec Smart Storage adapters and MegaRAC SP-X manageability firmware powering embedded base management controllers (BMCs) reduces the cost of operation in data centers as they enable remote management capabilities including platform status monitoring and problem notifications, diagnosis, and recovery. Out-of-band management enables the adapters to be reached directly over a network connection if the server is powered off or unresponsive and improves security by eliminating the need for proprietary software or host tools on either the server or storage system. The AMI leveraged the combination of the management components transport protocol (MCTP) protocol and Microchip’s StorageCore application programming interface (API) to add basic support for the Adaptec Smart Storage adapters in its MegaRAC development framework’s Storage Adapter management tool.

The Smart Storage Adapters with MegaRAC support is available now, for more information visit the product page on the official website.


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