Analog Devices’ Low-Power, Single-Channel 16-Bit DAC Enables High Density Analog Output Modules without De-Rating


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Low-Power Single-Channel 16-Bit DAC

Analog Devices presented the AD5758 DAC (Digital-to-Analog Converter), which includes company’s second-generation DPC (Dynamic Power Control).

AD5758 have DPC to enable high density AOUT modules without requiring de-rating, which results in low cost, and more compact design. De-rating means system need to turn off channels due to thermal increase. AD5758 is lowest power industrial DAC, designed for channel-to-channel isolated industrial applications in factory automation, process automation, and motor control.

Comes with a compact dimension 5mm*5mm, which creates the smallest footprint in the industry. It requires fewer protection components, and AD5758 is engineered with advanced diagnostics that provide a perception to system performance for higher reliability and also planned for maintenance schedules. It includes output fault protection as its application to safeguard the DAC in case of miswire incident.

Main features of AD5758

  • Lowest Power Industrial DAC
  • Integrated diagnostics for high system reliability
  • Built-in miswire protection
  • 0.05% TUE – 2 times better than the industry standard

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