75W High Optical Output Laser Diode for Longer Distance Detection and Improved Sensing Accuracy

Published  October 7, 2021   0
ROHM RLD90QZW3 High Optical Output Laser Diode

ROHM has unveiled a 75W infrared high optical output laser diode, RLD90QZW3 designed for LiDAR used in distance measurement and spatial recognition in 3D ToF (Time of Flight) systems. With an unprecedented emission width of 225μm at the equivalent optical output which is 22% narrower than conventional products, this new device improves beam characteristics.

Additionally, the RLD90QZW3 high optical output laser diode offers uniform emission intensity; and low-temperature dependence of the laser wavelength ensures stable performance thereby contributing to higher accuracy and expand longer distances in various LiDAR applications. Moreover, a power conversion efficiency (which is a trade-off with narrow emission width) of 21% lowers down the power consumption.

Key Features of RLD90QZW3 High Optical Output Laser Diode

  1. The industry’s narrowest emission width (225μm) contributes to longer range and greater accuracy
  2. Equivalent power-optical conversion efficiency (PCE) allows for worry-free use without increasing power consumption
  3. Comprehensive support enables the quick market introduction

Ideal for laser range finders, automatic guided vehicles (AGVs), and security applications, this invisible pulsed laser diode comes housed in the Φ5.6 package. Its unique structure makes it possible to achieve high energy conversion efficiency and reduce wavelength fluctuations and contributes to lower power consumption and longer life.