6GHz RF Signal Generator from Saelig for Complex Analog and Vector Signal Generation


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Siglent SSG5000X RF Signal Generator

Saelig introduced the Siglent SSG5000X RF signal generator that can deliver excellent performance in phase noise, spectral purity, bandwidth, EVM, and output power. The new signal generator can generate analog and vector signals at a frequency range of 9kHz to 4GHz/6GHz with a frequency setting resolution of 0.001Hz. The user can generate even the most complex signal types in the V models with the help of an internal IQ modulation generator and waveform playback function.

The SSG5000X has 5 color touch screen for fast and intuitive control of the instrument and produces a maximum output power +26dBm (typ.) with phase noise of -120dBc/Hz @1GHz, 20kHz offset (typ). The ARB Mode can be used to playback digital communication waveform files, while the Custom Mode on the –V versions can generate IQ modulated signals, such as QAM, PSK, ASK, FSK, sample rate up to 120Msps. Frequency sweeps can be performed in linear or logarithmic steps, whereas the AM, FM, PM analog modulation can be achieved with internal, external, or Int+Ext sources.

The SSG5000X can add real-time AWGN to modulation signals when testing receiver performance or quickly simulate noisy RF environments. They are designed with a built-in digital communication waveform file including 5G-NR, LTE, WCDMA, WLAN, BlueTooth, and CDMA. The device can support flatness correction when an external power sensor is connected with it and it is compatible with the most popular USB power sensors. The device supports standard interfaces like USB Host, USB Device (USB TMC), LAN (VXI-11, Socket, Telnet), GPIB (opt.) and PC control is available, even remotely via a web browser.

The SSG5000X supports multi-tone signals consisting of 20 sine wave frequencies to help audio measurements, amplifier and receiver nonlinear distortion tests, and ground and satellite communication tests. The powerful function and wide frequency range makes the device suitable for applications such as receiver and amplifier testing, IP3 measurement, radar, digital modulation verification, spur, and harmonics measurements, ACPR tests, and cable loss compensation, for R&D test & measurement, education, or manufacturing test. 

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