64-channel Ultrasound Transmitter with Integrated Transmit Beamformer Shrinks Form Factor of Handheld Scanners

Published  October 6, 2022   0
64-channel Ultrasound Transmitter

STMicroelectronics has introduced a new 64-channel ultrasound transmitter that delivers a highly integrated solution aimed at the handheld, wireless scanner segment and enhances the image quality and convenience of high-performance portable industrial and medical instruments. With 64 channels, the STHVUP64 transmitter can drive up to 256 probe elements directly, eliminating expensive, high-voltage switches usually needed between the transmitter and probe. 

This new transmitter introduces a new 5-level output capability, in addition to the common 3-level output, which enhances flexibility to optimize the picture quality. High current delivery up to ±400mA, allows driving the transducers at high speed to enable multiple imaging modes. The high drive strength also helps achieve pulse duration as short as 5ns which enhances control of the transducers to maximize image detail. The transmitter supports continuous wave (CW) and pulsed wave (PW) operating modes to allow various types of analysis including cavities and liquid flow.

It has a self-biased driver architecture that eliminates any need for the power-supply decoupling capacitors that are typically placed outside the chip. This helps ensure a smaller circuit footprint, as well as lower the bill of materials (BOM). In addition, it is housed in a smaller package than comparable alternative ICs thereby giving designers greater flexibility to create next-generation products in even smaller form factors.

Key Features

  • 0 to 200 V output signal peak-to-peak

  • Gate drivers self-biased architecture, no filtering capacitors required

  • Fully integrated real clamping-to-ground function45 Ω clamp resistance

  • Auxiliary integrated circuitsNoise blocking diodesThermal protectionUndervoltage protection and bias supply checks

  • Programmable power management to optimize the performances in case of ultra-portable applications

  • Embedded memory to store transmission patterns32 states for waveform definitionWaveform compression algorithm

  • Checksum control

  • Very low package thermal resistance

  • Latch-up free due to HV SOI technology

  • Just a few passive components needed

  • Small package: BGA 10mm x 10mm with 196 balls and 0.65mm pitch