New 60V TrenchFET MOSFET Offers On-Resistance Down to 1.7mW, Reduces Power Losses to Increase Efficiency


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Siliconix SiR626DP N-Channel 60V TrenchFET Gen IV MOSFET

Vishay Intertechnology launched a new Siliconix SiR626DP N-Channel 60V TrenchFET Gen IV MOSFET with 6.15mm X 5.15mm PowerPAK SO-8 Single Package.  The Vishay Siliconix SiR626DP offers 36% lower on-resistance than its previous version. It combines a maximum on-resistance down to 1.7mW with ultra low gate charge of 52nC at 10V. It also includes output charge of 68nC and COSS of 992pF which is 69% lower than its previous versions.


The SiR626DP has very LOW RDS (Drain-source on Resistance) which increases efficiency in applications such as Synchronous rectification, Primary and second side switch, DC/DC converters, Solar micro converter and Motor Drive switch. The package is Lead (Pb) and Halogen free with 100% RG.


The Key features include:

  • VDS : 60V
  • VGS : 20V
  • RDS(ON) at 10V : 0.0017 Ohms
  • RDS(ON) at 7.5V : 0.002 Ohms
  • RDS(ON) at 6V : 0.0026 Ohms
  • Qg at 10V : 68 nC
  • Qgs : 21 nC
  • Qgd : 8.2 nC
  • ID Max. : 100 A
  • PD Max. :  104 W
  • VGS(th) : 2 V
  • RgType. : 0.91 Ohms


Samples of the SiR626DP are available and production quantities are available with lead times of 30 weeks subject to market situations.

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