400mA Synchronous Step-Down DC/DC Module with MODE Pin and Inductor

Published  October 27, 2021   0
D Dakshita
RM590 with 400mA Buck DC/DC Converter

RICOH introduced RM590 with a powerful 400mA Buck DC/DC converter and built-in inductor along with the high operating frequency of 6 MHz which, requires a significantly small PCB board space and a low number of external components. The RM590 can be configured for either PWM/VFM automatic shift operation or forced PWM operation by controlling of MODE pin. Targeted applications for the RM590 are products with a high degree of miniaturization such as wearables and portable gadgets as well as other consumers, industrial and IoT devices.

Optional features are selected by the product version, it has an auto-discharge function that rapidly discharges the output capacitor once the CE pin turns off the chip and one can select between a fixed or adjustable output voltage version. The RM590 is available in a QFN2220-8 package with dimensions of 2.2 x 2.0 x 1.5 mm.