3rd Generation Automotive Grade Battery Management IC for Multi-cell Stacked Battery System

Published  November 24, 2021   0
3rd Generation Enhanced Functional Safety Battery Monitoring ICs

Nuvoton Technology Corporation has announced 3rd generation enhanced functional safety battery monitoring ICs KA84933 series that can detect a wide range of battery cell abnormalities and BMS failures with a redundant measurement system consisting duplicates of the battery cell input terminal, multiplexer, and AD converter. These new ICs are equipped with a daisy communication function which enables automakers and battery module manufacturers to easily develop and design battery systems that comply with ISO26262 ASIL-D requirements. 

These new devices with a high precision voltage measurement error of 1.5 mV, help to extend the cruising range of BEVs, and support wide input voltage range thereby maximizes the performance of lithium-ion batteries. These BM-ICs have high withstand voltage at a maximum rated voltage 144V with integrated functions by fine process, and measure up to 20 connected battery cells in series.

In addition, these ICs achieve high measurement over wide voltage ranges and temperatures by circuit technology that suppresses leakage current and corrects minute deviations in voltage accuracy at high temperatures. The ideal applications of these ICs include battery electric vehicles (BEVs), hybrid electric vehicles (HEV), and large-capacity energy storage systems (ESS).