3D Hall-effect Position Sensor in PCB-Less Package Ideal for Automotive Safety and ADAS Applications

Published  November 9, 2022   0
S Staff
A31316 3D Hall-effect position sensor

Allegro MicroSystems, Inc. has announced the new A31316 3D Hall-effect position sensor that is offered in an industry-smallest 4 × 4 mm body PCB-less package and is the latest addition to the company’s 3DMAG line of 3D sensors. This new sensor is ideal for automotive safety and advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) applications that require high levels of flexibility and reliable performance in harsh conditions such as powertrain and chassis applications, and also in industrial applications that require linear or rotary sensing.

The A31316 sensor integrates a Manchester interface for programming the EEPROM through the output pin, which eliminates the need for a separate programming interface. It reliably stores factory and customer-programmed calibration settings, with dedicated registers for customer use and can be programmed directly with a 5 V supply voltage enabling integration with microcontrollers or other low supply devices.

Designed for both rotary and long-stroke linear applications, this sensor maintains high-angle accuracy across the full Grade 0 temperature range (–40°C to 150°C). Its flexible calibration table (33 fixed points or 22 freely placed points) enables options that can reduce the time and complexity of end-of-line calibration and minimize errors due to mechanical misalignment. Moreover, it contains advanced on-chip diagnostic features to ensure reliable, safe operation.

Key Features

  • PCB-Less “UC” Package for system integration without a PCB

  • Linearization and binning modes (up to 33-point fixed, up to 22-point programmable positions)

  • Supports SENT (SAE J2716) and PWM interface options

  • Developed in accordance with ISO 26262 as a hardware safety element out of context (SEooC) with ASIL B

  • AEC-Q100 Grade 0 qualified supports operation in harsh conditions, required for automotive and industrial applications