3 to 5 Serial Cell Li-Ion/Li-Polymer Battery Protection IC with Temperature Protection

Published  February 24, 2022   0
R5651 Series Overcharge and Discharge Protection IC

Nisshinbo Micro Devices Inc has introduced the new R5651 Series of overcharge and discharge protection IC designed for 3- to 5- series cell Li-ion/Li-polymer rechargeable battery pack. The R5651 IC can select any number of cells by applying a certain voltage on the SEL pin and includes short-circuit and protection circuits for charge/discharge overcurrent.

This new series features a high voltage tolerant process absolute maximum rating of 30V and high-accuracy voltage detection along with temperature protection by NTC thermistor. This IC is suitable for applications like scooter (balance car), cleaner, heat insulation box, E-Bike, and power tool.

Key Benefits

  • Using a current-sense resistor with low resistance ratings: reduction in high temperature in large current and realizing a thermal design of a board easily
  • Separation between charging and discharging paths: achieving low impedance of the battery pack
  • Cascading: achieving simple circuit configuration for battery pack with six-cell and more and reducing external components