3-Phase Gate Driver for EV and Hybrid Cars for Keeping Batteries and HVAC Systems Running Quiet and Cool

Published  October 27, 2021   0
D Dakshita
A89307 Gate Driver IC

Allegro MicroSystems introduced a new A89307 automotive-qualified gate driver integrated circuit (IC) which, is designed for battery cooling fans and HVAC systems in electric (EV) and hybrid vehicles. The A89307 offers ultra-low noise and vibration by using a Field Oriented Control (FOC) algorithm to drive continuous sinusoidal current to the load, helping automakers reduce noise and improve battery life, offering more miles per charge and lowering vehicle carbon footprints. The A89307 can also be used in HVAC blowers as well as liquid pumps in traction inverter cooling systems. Battery cooling fan, HVAC fan, and inverter cooling pump are some applications of the device.

The A89307 is available in a 28L wettable flank QFN package.

Key Features:

  • Code-free sensor less field-oriented control (FOC) - No software programming
  • Ultra-quiet low speed operation - Reduces audible noise and vibration
  • Proprietary non-reverse fast start up - Improves reliability and reduces audible noise
  • Analog, PWM, Analog, or Clock mode speed control with programmable speed profile
  • Configurable current limit and lock detection - Reduces motor heating
  • Start-up under both forward and reverse windmilling conditions - improves reliability
  • Short-circuit protection (OCP) - protects supply and PCB from burning during MOSFET failure